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A grand tribute to Freddie Mercury and the ‘QUEEN’ : a gig that has all the characteristics of a great show, set up with all the costumes and videos of highly emotional contents which, together with the music, run over again the most significant steps in the career of the English band. This is the formula of the QUEENMANIA tribute band, born of the shared passion of 4 formidable musicians for the “Queen”.

To support the voice of the singer Sonny, whose delicate task is to revive the histrionic personality of Freddie Mercury, there will be some valid partners in the journey. Over the guitar contribute constantly provided by Tiziano Giampieri (guitar and voice) we find two clamorous musicians who have given prestigious cooperation within the Italian and European panorama (Ligabue, Vasco Rossi, Anna Oxa, Marco Masini, Enrico Ruggeri, Exilia, Mark Harris, Glenn Hughes etc.) as Andrea Ge (drums and voice) and Fabrizio Palermo (bass and voice). But the real surprise is actually him, the voice: Sonny Ensabella. His will-power, his gestures but above all his astonishing physical and vocal resemblance to the original, give to this band un incredible added value.

A great show then, that will go through again the history and career of one of the most famous band in the history of music, a gig to sing again songs nowadays known to everybody but also with some special treats for real connoisseurs, an evening to revive a character who has become a legend and still today, fifteen years from his departure, is remembered as one of the fathers of the fantastic world known as Rock.

Since March 2007 the QUEENMANIA are moving their show along Europe, playing, with positive return from audience and critics in England, Germany, Holland, Austria, Spain, France and Hungary. Being appreciated not only in Italy but also in the most of Europe testifies their artistic value. In 2008 even attending to "The 23rd official QUEEN FANS CLUB CONVENTION 2008" in UK

Often in their gigs they invite successful singers of the Italian soundscape who always, accept with enthusiasm such as the ‘queen of opera’ Katia Ricciarelli, the national pop stars: Enrico Ruggeri, Irene Fornaciari (Zucchero's daughter), Andrea Mirò, Tullio De Piscopo, Clara Moroni and Maurizio Solieri (Vasco Rossi’s band), from the musical Notredame De Paris: Marco Guerzoni, Matteo Setti, from the rock scene: Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), Roby Tiranti (New Trolls, Labyrinth), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire), GL and Mattia Bigi (from Extrema), Stef Burns (Huey Lewis, Alice Cooper, Y&T), Giusy Ferreri, Davide ‘Cesareo’ Civaschi (Elio e le Storie Tese), even from the reggae/hip-hop Italian scene the newcomer Entics and so on.

In January 2009 was issued “All in”, the new triple cd by Enrico Ruggeri, in which there are three songs performed by QUEENMANIA: “Dear friends”, “Lily of the valley” and “The great pretender”, recorded live at “Alcatraz” in Milan on 24 November 2007, during their tribute to Freddie, with Enrico as very welcomed guest.

In 2010 QUEENMANIA appeared on the best seller compilation "Hit Mania Champions" with the song "Somebody to love" recorded live @ Alcatraz in Milan

After almost ten years on the road QUEENMANIA are still on tour in the most important clubs and theatres in Italy and Europe....and the show must go on!



Sonny Ensabella was born in Sicily, south of Italy in 1978.

Always aroused passion of the arts of the show, his activity begins in this field on the radio, his first great love… It unwinds, half, years 90, an intense activity of radiophonic announcer close to local issuers and of animator/dj at the disco… At the same time being axhibited as stripper, chorus singer, etc…

In 2005 is noticed by Jam For Live of Milan, agency in Italy in the field of tribute bands and not only, in search in that period of the just singer for an ambitious project…The Queenmania project… With Queenmania, Sonny plays with great success in theatres and rock festivals of Europe.