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Queens of Pop

This star studded show features the best tributes to the princesses of POP, including Lady Gaga, Shakira and Katy Perry! 

The fun filled show will draw crowds into a super pop glamorous party, making it a hit with the whole family!

There is no other Lady Gaga impersonator as accurate and breathtaking. Her performance raises the benchmark for all other tribute acts. The show is a visually stunning and dramatic theatrical performance that recreates all of the drama, glitz and glamour of Lady Gaga’s most memorable performances. All her costumes exact replicas of the originals as the choreographies which has supervised by original Lady Gaga dancers! She has stunned crowds globally, from Europe to Asia and have share the stage with the real Lady Gaga!

Our stunning Shakira impersonator will make everybody sing along and dance with her evergreen hits! There will be identical choreographies, costumes and live versions, no difference from the original Shakira’s concerts!

The audience will surely appreciate this warm latin touch throughout the pop setlist.

The Cupcake Queen returns to the stage... our incredible Katy Perry impersonator is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most accurate and looking alike artist. With replica costumes, same wigs and makeup the audience will love her! Performing songs including Firework, California Gurls and Roar the audience won’t be unsatisfied! 

Of course a show wouldn’t be a show without professional live musicians and super good-looking pro dancers! Sound and scene will always be rich and proper thanks to these talented artists.

Don’t miss your chance to have THE Queens of pop on your stage!