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The Wall Live Orchestra

"The Wall", the well known Pink Floyd's concept album, is on stage today -  thirty-three years from the release of the movie directed by Alan Parker - with a new production of tremendous impact. The main character, Pink, deals with themes such as loneliness, loss, war, alienation, success, that, like in a kaleidoscope, blend together with today's issues, fears and uncertainties, in the era of crisis and globalization, of sudden climatic and political changes.

On this new stage production, the monumental rock opera conveys a universal message: to embrace the great challenge of facing this wide variety of themes through a spectacular and unique live performance. An impressive live orchestration, with more than seventy artists on stage, enhances the mix of rock and classical music, and takes the audience back to the original version of "The Wall". The live videos, projected on a big rear screen, and the spectacular light show, add depth and emotion, drawing the audience closer to the performances of musicians and singers.